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Write the Perfect Instagram Bio for Your Business!


In this blog –

I’m going to cover exactly how to write an Instagram Bio that attracts the right person to your profile, tells your viewers what business you are in, who you cater to, and how & and gives them a clear CALL TO ACTION to take so that you can start generating leads in your business. I have also included 2 samples of the Bio templates for you to get you more clarity.

With your Instagram Bio, – you only have 150 characters. Hence you have to be absolutely clear. Being specific means creating an immediate first impression on the reader’s mind as they read the first line of the bio. Here, you need to tell your viewers, “This is who I am and this is how I can help you solve a problem”.

Most businesses don’t do this, which is the number one mistake with bios. They make it about themselves. Don’t do that. Make it about your audiences. Therefore, the first line of your bio should be X, Y, Z, [your business] helping [your target audiences] do [ABC,].

Eg – ask yourself this – Have I niched down enough? You do not want to talk to everyone but a “ specific set of audiences “meaning, the more specific you can get about the target audiences you help, the better results. That’s where you’ll get the leads & and then the sales & and money. That’s where you’re going to get the revenue. Don’t be afraid to niche down. You cannot be super broad. You got to narrow it down. So if this is resonating with you right now, don’t feel bad, but get niche-specific with who you actually serve in your business so that they[target audiences] know that your business is the solution for them.

The second line of your bio is the place to build some authority or what makes you stand out from your competitors. What makes you the best choice amongst others, why should they choose you? What problems will you help them solve? That’s what you’re going to put here.

Think about the business model, I mean this has to be a problem that keeps them(your target audiences) up at night. They’re losing money, they’re losing sleep, and you as a business are the one going to help them solve that problem. Hence the second line of the bio needs to make it clear why you’re the best in the business. If you’ve got some experience under your belt, mention that. Highlight the number of clients your business served, the years of experience you have in that industry and the number of dollars you’ve helped your clients save or make. Get tangible and specific here. From a human psychology perspective, the more specific you are with numbers the better. Try to get really, really specific down to the dollar if you can.

If you’re new and you don’t have years of experience or hundreds of clients, that’s totally fine too. In that case, the second line is where you put why YOU; How different are you from others? What makes you special? This could be – you have a particular business model to serve or you have a particular way of doing things. Maybe your work has been featured somewhere. If none of these apply then maybe you’re just cool to work with and that’s what differentiates you from your competitors.


The third line of your bio is specifically most important because it needs to have a specific CALL TO ACTION. What do you want your audiences or viewers to do?

Do you want them to visit your website? Or go to your online shop? Or download a freebie eBook make a call email you DM you or click on a link that has a limited-time offer. Whatever it is you need to specify why your followers should click the link in your bio or right below your bio. You need to give them a more compelling reason why they should do it. What’s in it for them?

So lets recap –

· The first line of your Instagram bio should be –

“I help [your target audiences] do [ write what that is]

· The second line could be what makes you unique or different i.e.

[X amount of years in the industry]

· Third line is urgency-based CTAs e.g. – [there’s a limited time offer]. These are powerful CTAs to get people off your profile and like into your DMs or you know, on your website.

Examples of Bio Templates –

Bio template 1 –

“Helping [target market] turn [problem] into [core benefit] as we discussed.

The second line is:

[X] clients served plus [X] [total results added up].or helped X clients generate x revenue.

Third line – a clear CTA. That one thing that they’re going to care about the most is that you have to offer a free or limited-time offer that they can avail.

Second Bio Template

This one is for a Coach.

The first line:

Coach for [target market] looking to gain [core benefit].

Second line: Featured in X, Y, Z plus X years of experience.

Third line DM me “ABC” for a surprise.

If your business is built off of connecting with people through the DMs, you can drop in a little code word in your bio and track and see literally how many people are going to DM you with that code. This will help you know exactly how many leads and customers are coming from Instagram.

When you rewrite your bio, be sure to send me a DM. My Instagram handle is @creativepassion2020. I would love to check out your brand-new bio.

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