"Unleash Studio-Quality Sound"  "Introducing the Complete Vocal Recording Kit - NT1.  Elevate your recordings with the RØDE SM6, a top-notch suspension shock mount ensuring crystal-clear audio."

"Precision in Every Note"  This comes with with SMR Shock Mount guarantees unmatched audio quality for your projects."   

"Dive into perfection with the NT1 Complete Vocal Recording Kit.  The RØDE SM6 shock mount guarantees isolation from unwanted vibrations, delivering unparalleled sound quality."

"Versatility Redefined"  "Meet the NT1, your all-in-one solution. The RØDE SM6 features a removable pop shield and telescopic arm, offering limitless recording possibilities for every application."

Key Features – Large-diaphragm (1-inch) gold-sputtered capsule – Cardioid polar pattern – Ultra-low noise and wide dynamic range – Internal capsule shock mounting – Includes RØDE SM6 shock mount, pop filter and dust cover

"Your Recording Sanctuary" "Craft your sonic masterpiece with the NT1 Complete Vocal Recording Kit.  The RØDE SM6 ensures a quiet, rumble-free environment, providing the perfect stage for your vocals."

"Dynamic Sound, Effortlessly Captured"  "Capture the essence of your vocals effortlessly. The NT1, paired with the RØDE SM6, promises studio-grade recordings with a high-quality XLR cable included."

"Adaptable, Powerful, Professional"  "Versatility meets professionalism. The NT1 with the RØDE SM6 offers a removable pop shield, telescopic arm, and a high-quality XLR cable – everything you need for pro-level recordings."

"Unbox Creativity"  "Unbox the NT1 Complete Vocal Recording Kit and open the door to limitless creativity. The RØDE SM6 ensures your recordings are free from interference, allowing your talent to shine."

"Your Sonic Canvas"  "Paint your sonic masterpiece with the NT1 Complete Vocal Recording Kit. The RØDE SM6's isolation technology and adjustable pop shield guarantee a flawless recording canvas."

10 Years Warranty